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DSH   [Digital Solar Heat]


Imagine: Free Heat that can offset much or all of your heating and hot water energy expenses, every year.

Imagine: Reducing carbon based heating & hot water costs by 50 to 100%, depending upon location, and,

Imagine: reducing  your Greenhouse Gas  emissions footprint by an equal amount as your offset.

Imagine: Quiet, comfy, dust free operation for Heating and Hot water.

Imagine: Tax Free heat for life. depending upon location this can 50%-100% offset.

Imagine: Locking down your ever escalating heating energy cost

Imagine: Using Summer Heat  in Winter



DSH offers a comprehensive solar heating offset solution that provides ‘free heat for life’  and stores summer heat for use in winter.

Browse our Web site for more information about Digital Solar Heat. If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please e-mail us: info at com. We have representatives in N America, NZ, and Australia      (info at DSHH .info).

Could it be true; saving the planet and at the same time saving money or OpEx: Absolutely!

In this new age of ever escalating carbon-based energy costs, & GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions;  have you ever wondered why solar heating is not currently prevalent? Wonder no more, DSH has solved the issues & has the track record to prove it.

Thinking of building a new home, warehouse, mall, sports complex etc, then read on:

Welcome to our Website, feel free to browse around. While we can't give the farm away, we will endeavor to provide you with enough non-technical information to make an informed decision.

In Context: "Hot water and heating, by and large are the most wasteful, personal energy consuming processes in modern society, greater even than the typical intermittent use of an automobile."

It is time to reduce the environmental impact of our homes and buildings.



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