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Consumer Magazine Sept 2010

Consumer Magazine examined the DSH System (prototype) which had been installed in the Ryan’s  home in Wellington in 1997.

They concluded  “it really works”

“Walk into ..Ryan’s two year old house on a cold Wellington winter night...the whole house is comfortably warm with no cold corners or hot spots”

 Do they like the house? ‘Yes definitely’

 Would they recommend the system to a friend? ‘Yes definitely

 As Barry says” There is a chain reaction of benefits...low running costs, comfort, family health.’

Waikanae, NZ

Chris and Leonie Beggs of North Face Construction (who built the original Ryan’s house) recently built themselves a new home. They were impressed enough with the DSH system that they installed the DSH into their own new home.

From Chris in the August after his DSH system had been commissioned for only a few weeks he stated:

“As I sit here writing this in my tee shirt the house is ~24 deg with only solar heating and while it will drop though the night the coldest I have seen it is 19.2, so pretty good considering we have 27m2 of unprotected glass in the room where we are taking the temperature…………..Leonie and I have started taking some stats on the house and we can confirm that we have exceeded our target of 90% saving over a standard NZ home”


 Hi ECO friends,

 One day last week we reached our record high to date, 25.1khw [PV])!!!  We also received for October another credit for our power.

 We now have a total PV physical credit of $ 683.00 which is looking good for the holiday fund! The core is now sitting at 24 degrees which means we can pump that back up to our floor if needed although the floor is at 21 degrees, perfect for this time of the year

  Leonie Beggs


 Wellinton NZ (20/11/11)

 Thank you for providing such a valuable service. In the last 2 years we have yet to use the backup heat pump to heat our home. This is well beyond our expectations, thank you.

 BR : Wellington


 “ Why are all houses not constructed this way... this is incredible”.

 The Hon Luamanuvao Winnie Laban

on inspecting the Ryans Home

NZ Government Minister


 So far the house has only had the odd wood fire, even in the coldest winter days. The wetback

extra heat is pumped around the house making it all warm, not just around the fireplace.


We get visits from people, even the builders, asking us how it’s working. They walk into a warm

home, something they don’t seem to have at their home. They and we can’t get over how nice it

is to walk on a warm floor all winter.

 Bernard V : Dipton/Invercargill


 “All houses ... should be built like this!”

 Grant Baker Deputy

Director General NZ-DofC (Ret'd)


The last word:


…it really works!


[NZ/Australia] Consumer Magazine Sept 2010


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